Smarkers – Washable Scented Markers, Assorted Colors, Standard Point Felt Tip, 16 Count


The all-new Smarkers are scented markers designed to ignite creativity and stimulate the senses. Each marker features vivid and bold colors accompanied by gourmet scents, such as passion fruit, apple, coconut, cherry, and more. With a team of determined superhero fruit pals on the markers, they aim to enhance the creative journey for children and adults alike. The scents last for two years, ensuring that every coloring, writing, or drawing experience is accompanied by delightful fragrance.

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  • The all new Smarkers come with scent-sationally fragranced ink and sport a team of determined super hero fruit pals to join the creative journey
  • With vivid and bold colors, your child’s imagination (or your own!) will be ignited with creativity that also stimulates senses with unique gourmet scents.
  • Scents last for two years so your markers smell great every time you color, write and draw
  • Smarkers are non-toxic and suitable for ages 3 and up with small sized barrel and standard point felt tips for optimal coloring
  • 16 Fruity Scents : Passion Fruit / Plum / Apple / Banana / Blue Rasberry / Coconut / Cherry / Kiwi Fruit / Mango / Grape / Watermelon / Pineapple / Strawberry / Blueberry / Orange / Blackberry


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