A Tree of Their Own: Students’ Personal Touch on Holiday Ornaments

Best Winter Activities for Elementary Students

For this holiday season, I took a unique approach to decorating my Christmas tree. Rather than using the usual store-bought ornaments, I decided to invite students to add a personal touch. I provided a variety of blank wooden ornaments – charming bells, classic round baubles, and, my personal favorite, blank Santas. These simple wooden shapes were about to become canvases for youthful creativity and imagination.

The transformation was incredible. Initially, the students stuck to the familiar – crafting traditional Santas with rosy cheeks, jolly red hats, and fluffy white beards. Each tiny Santa seemed to have its own personality, some with twinkling eyes, others with broad, friendly smiles. The meticulous attention to detail was evident in the tiny strokes of paint, carefully applied glitter, and miniature accessories.

As their confidence grew, the students began to explore more adventurous themes. Some Santas were painted with bright, unconventional colors, turning the traditional red and white into a kaleidoscope of hues. Others were adorned with patterns and designs, from stripes and polka dots to stars and snowflakes. A few students even ventured into thematic designs – Santas dressed as characters from their favorite stories, complete with tiny props and accessories.

My tree quickly filled with these uniquely decorated ornaments. It became more than just a holiday decoration; it was a vibrant tapestry of the students’ creativity and imagination. The excitement was palpable as they proudly showed off their creations to classmates and teachers, pointing out their own and admiring others. This display of creativity and joy not only beautified the tree but also fostered a sense of community and pride among the students.

For elementary school counselors or teachers looking to bring a similar experience to their school, consider turning this into a fun, educational project. You could even introduce a friendly competition with categories like ‘Best Traditional Design’ and ‘Most Creative Theme’. This activity is not only a delightful way to celebrate the holiday spirit but also an excellent opportunity for children to express themselves artistically, work on fine motor skills, and learn about design and color theory.

As someone passionate about fostering creativity and community spirit among students, I highly recommend this activity. It’s a heartwarming and engaging way to bring art into the classroom and create cherished memories during the holiday season. So why not plan ahead and make personalized ornament decorating a part of your next holiday tradition?

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