Blue & Yellow Liquid Motion Bubbler


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Price: $5.99
(as of Jan 26,2024 06:04:50 UTC – Details)

Mindfulness and Focus: The Liquid Motion Bubbler serves as a tool to promote mindfulness and focus, making it suitable for both classroom and home environments.
Stress Relief: Watching the mesmerizing patterns form as the two colorful liquids mix provides a soothing experience, allowing users to feel their stress drip away.
Easy to Use: The bubbler is designed to be user-friendly, requiring a simple flip over to start the mesmerizing liquid motion again, making it accessible for all ages.
Versatile Desktop Tool: Suitable for children and adults alike, the Liquid Motion Bubbler is a perfect desktop accessory, combining fun and relaxation in a visually engaging manner.
Dimensions: 2″ wide x 5-3/8″ tall
Ages 4+


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