Don’t Feed The WorryBug: A Children’s Book About Worry


“Don’t Feed The WorryBug” is a book that introduces Wince, a character who worries about everything, causing his WorryBug to grow. This story is an excellent starting point for discussions on worry and anxiety, emphasizing the importance of not letting worries overwhelm one’s day. It explores themes of worry, anxiety, self-regulation, inner strength, and courage, making it a valuable resource for helping kids understand and manage their anxieties.

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2019 Child Mind Institute Pick for Best Children’s Books For Helping Kids Understand Anxiety Say hello to Wince, one of the biggest worriers you will ever meet. From cookies to homework to the weather, Wince worries about everything. And when Wince starts to worry, his WorryBug appears. At first the WorryBug is small and non-threatening, but the more Wince Worries the more his WorryBug grows. Don’t Feed The WorryBug is great story to start the conversation on worry and anxiety. We all worry, it happens, but the key is to not let those worries aka the WorryBug grow to the point it ruins your day. Themes: Worry, Anxiety, Self-regulation, Inner-Strength & Courage


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