Say Hello And Let It Go: I Am Not My Emotions


“SAY HELLO AND LET IT GO” is a children’s book that teaches mindfulness, acceptance, and the ability to manage uncomfortable emotions. It empowers children to accept all emotions without judgment and provides tools like belly breathing, counting, and positive self-talk. The book includes resources and activities for both children and adults to better understand and practice these concepts.

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SAY HELLO AND LET IT GO teaches mindfulness, acceptance, and reclaiming power in the form of a simple, yet powerful, children’s book.

Uncomfortable emotions can lead to resistance and suffering when children are not equipped with tools to accept a variety of big emotions. By teaching our students, children, and little loved ones that there is nothing wrong with ANY emotion we are changing the way they interact with uncomfortable emotions and sensations. It is possible to live in harmony with any emotion, and SAY HELLO AND LET IT GO will show your little one just how to master this skill.


***The book contains the powerful tools of belly breathing, counting, and positive self-talk – as well as a page for adults to understand the “why” behind the practice of saying hello and letting go. Resources and activities were created for this book and can be found on the author’s website


Ways to use this book with your child or student: 1.Have your child predict what the feeling will be before you read the character’s emotion. 2.Have your child draw a picture of how they would have illustrated the emotions. 3. Have a conversation about what the opposite of “say hello and let it go” would be. For instance, “How could this character have reacted in a way that caused more suffering?”


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