Hurty Feelings (Laugh-Along Lessons)


“Fragility” is a thought-provoking book that tells the story of Fragility, who, despite her strong exterior, is easily hurt by words and compliments. Even the simplest compliments are misinterpreted as insults, causing her distress. When her friends begin to avoid her, a rude bully named Rudy steps in. In the face of actual insults, the book explores whether Fragility will finally learn to accept compliments and develop resilience. It addresses themes of self-acceptance and emotional resilience, making it a valuable resource for social and emotional learning.

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Fragility was a solid piece of work. But despite her sturdy exterior, Fragility was fragile. Anything and everything hurt her feelings. In the most benign compliment, Fragility heard an insult. No one could even say she looked nice without evoking images of big, squishy cupcakes—since they are also nice—and causing Fragility to flop on the ground and weep. Fragility’s friends stop speaking to her for fear of another fit, but Rudy, a very rude bully, has other ideas. In the face of real insults, will Fragility finally learn to take a compliment?


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