I’m Stretched: A Picture Book About Using Mindfulness to Manage Stress


“I’m Stretched!” by Julia Cook is a children’s book that addresses the theme of stress and pressure in a relatable and engaging way. The story follows a child who feels overwhelmed by the demands of everyday life, from school to activities and responsibilities. The book acknowledges the stress that children may experience and offers practical tools for managing it in a healthy manner.

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In I’m Stretched!, Julia Cook, award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert, shows children just how overwhelming and powerful stress can be as it piles on the pressure and tries to steal our joy.

I’m stretched! I have so much stuff to do.
Gotta be here…Gotta do that…Where did I put my shoe?

I feel like a rubber band that’s stretched and about to break.
I have places to go and things to do and a great big project to make!

Stress is a part of life, and in our fast-paced society, children often feel an unbelievable amount of pressure to balance family and friends, school and homework, and extracurricular activities. All of their responsibilities and expectations can make them feel stretched beyond their limits. I’m Stretched! is a captivating story that speaks to children and adults alike, giving them tactical tools to manage their stress in a healthy and helpful way so they can face the pressures of life and find joy in being who they were meant to be.


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