Awesome Dawson, It’s Not Your Turn!


Join Dawson on a humorous journey to learn patience and sharing! In “Awesome Dawson, It Is NOT Your Turn!”, children discover the value of waiting their turn, being patient, and sharing with others. With playful rhymes and insightful tips for parents and educators, it’s a delightful lesson in self-control.

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Dawson is happy whenever he gets to go first, see first, and be first. But he sure struggles when he has to wait his turn!

This is the story of a young boy who discovers that when he practices patience, waits his turn, and shares with others, he shows everyone just how awesome he can be!

Dawson’s journey has many ridiculous twists and turns. When he’s not first in line for a bubble gum ice cream cone, he has a meltdown. When he gets stuck behind the crowd at the gorilla habitat, he goes wild. When he can’t be line leader at school, he cries. If he’s not going first, being first, or seeing first, he struggles to control his emotions.

With guidance from a caring teacher and his understanding parents, Dawson learns how to be more patient, kind, fair, and, ultimately, even more awesome!

With playful rhymes and illustrations, Awesome Dawson, It Is NOT Your Turn! is an amusing tale about learning how to share and take turns. A special tips page written specifically for parents and educators offers valuable suggestions on helping children stretch their patience muscle and strengthen their self-control.

Awesome Dawson, It’s Not Your Turn! is the first storybook in award-winning author Julia Cook’s new Awesome Dawson book series, written for young readers in grades PreK-5.

Julia Cook is an award-winning author and highly sought-after speaker. A former teacher and school counselor, her popular children’s stories help young readers learn to use social skills and develop healthy relationships. She has received the Association for Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award, and her books have been honored by The National Parenting Center and Mom’s Choice Awards. Some recent titles include Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, Herman Jiggle: It’s Recess Not Restress and The “I” in Integrity.


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