Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children


“Lifetimes” is a heartfelt book designed to help children understand the concepts of life and death. Written with sensitivity and accompanied by beautiful illustrations, it explores the natural cycle of life, from beginnings to endings and everything in between. This book serves as a valuable tool for parents and caregivers to discuss life’s inevitable transitions with children.

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When the death of a relative, a friend, or a pet happens or is about to happen . . . how can we help a child to understand?

Lifetimes is a moving book for children of all ages, even parents too. It lets us explain life and death in a sensitive, caring, beautiful way. Lifetimes tells us about beginnings. And about endings. And about living in between. With large, wonderful illustrations, it tells about plants. About animals. About people. It tells that dying is as much a part of living as being born. It helps us to remember. It helps us to understand.


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