Making Friends Is an Art! 2nd Ed. (Building Relationships)


Join Brown on a delightful journey to discover the art of friendship! “Making Friends Is an Art!” teaches kids the value of being themselves, sharing their talents, and building positive relationships. This award-winning story is a must-read for children of all ages and comes with helpful tips for educators and parents.

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In this fun, creative story, Brown learns that in order to make and keep friends, he needs to know how to be a good friend. And to be a good friend, Brown must find a way to share his many talents with others. At first, that seems hard to Brown. But he soon realizes that to be a good friend, all he has to do is be himself!

Making Friends Is an Art! is part of the popular Building Relationships series written by award-winning author Julia Cook. This is a wonderful story for teaching kids of all ages how to practice the true art of friendship and getting along with others.

Educators, counselors and parents will love reading the second edition of this very popular story with children which features fewer words and more positive, empowering messaging. Brown and his friends learn to recognize their talents by being true to themselves.

Making Friends Is an Art! is the recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. Tips for educators and parents are located at the end of the story to help further address the importance of being a good friend.


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