Restorative Circles in Schools: A Practical Guide for Educators – Second Edition


“Restorative Circles in Schools” is a practical guide that explores the use of circle processes in educational settings. It provides insights into various applications of circles, including proactive, responsive, and staff circles, emphasizing their role in restorative practices. This second edition includes new anecdotes and minor style updates for a comprehensive resource on fostering community and enhancing learning in schools.

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Restorative Circles in Schools: Building Community and Enhancing Learning is a practical guide to the use of circles in schools and other settings, as well as an in-depth exploration of circle processes. The book includes numerous stories about the way circles have been used in many diverse situations, discussion on the use of proactive, responsive and staff circles, and an overview of restorative practices, with particular emphasis on its relationship to circle processes. Note about the second edition. This edition includes several new anecdotes and minor changes to style. Thanks to IIRP Lecturer Mary Jo Hebling for her support and invaluable input.


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