Gorilla Thumps and Bear Hugs: A Tapping Solution Children’s Story


“Annabel’s Magical Tapping Technique” is an engaging children’s book that follows Annabel, a young girl with dreams of becoming a scientist. Teased by her peers at school, she learns the Magical Tapping Technique to release sadness and regain confidence. This book introduces readers to the scientifically proven “Tapping” method, providing fun illustrations and descriptions for each tapping point. Children will enjoy the interactive and entertaining approach while learning valuable emotional regulation skills.

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Annabel dreams of one day being a scientist, but teasing from other kids at school has hurt her confidence and left her feeling sad and alone. Join her as she learns how to use the Magical Tapping Technique to quickly release her sadness and regain her confidence. Through the book, you’ll learn about the scientifically proven technique commonly known as “Tapping” and how you can use it for both yourself and your child to overcome stress, anxiety, negative emotions, and much more. Your child will love the fun descriptions and illustrations for each point, such as the Super Eagle Eye Point, Lion Cry Point, Dragon Fire Point, Wolf Point, and more. Your child will be having a blast as they howl, hug, thump on their chest, act like a monkey, and more . . . all while learning how they can use Tapping to help themselves in real life!


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