Keya is dealing with overwhelming anger after her little brother Nate ruins her morning. She takes her anger out on her best friend Hooper, even though she doesn’t really mean it. When Hooper gets upset and leaves, Keya realizes she needs to find a better way to manage her anger and make amends. This relatable story helps kids explore their emotions and develop emotional intelligence skills.

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Keya is way past mad. Her little brother Nate messed up everything―even breakfast. She heads to school kicking rocks and sticks. When her best friend Hooper tries to help, Keya shouts, “I don’t even like you.” It’s not true, but Hooper storms off, kicking rocks and sticks too. Keya gave him her mad! Now it’s up to Keya to find a different way past mad and to make things right. A relatable story that speaks to kids’ emerging emotional intelligence skills.


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